Sunday, 19 January 2014

WHAT? President Barrack Obama secretly flirting?

Barack & Michelle Obama’s Marriage Rumored Unsteady After President Reportedly Cheated Twice
The end may be near for the marriage of American President Barack Obama  and his First Lady Michelle, the National Enquirer reports.
According to the National Enquirer, a disastrous holiday trip to Hawaii was the beginning of the couple’s turmoil.
Michelle was left furious when she
learned that the Secret Service has covered up Obama’s cheating – twice.
“Michelle is so upset over her troubled marriage that she didn’t want to leave Hawaii when it was time to go,” a report said.
“She said she wasn’t ready to face the ‘fish bowl’ of Washington, D.C., and refused to fly home with Obama and the girls on Air Force One. The president had no choice but to leave Michelle behind in Hawaii.
“Some of the president’s most loyal supporters were absolutely sickened by his behavior at the Mandela event.
“They decided to pass secrets to Michelle while she was in Hawaii, and she picked up some very incriminating information, including the fact that the Secret Service has been covering up the president’s cheating.
“She learned that Barack was caught with a woman in an incident that, in the words of one mole, was ‘hushed up.’ Besides that, a Secret Service agent also saw the president ‘in a compromising position’ with another woman while Michelle was out of town.
“Barack told Michelle not to believe the stories. He insisted that they were ‘all bull.’ But Michelle has had enough and declared, ‘I want out!’
“That’s when she decided that she wasn’t going back to Washington with him.
“Michelle’s now left to contemplate the sad reality of her situation. For the sake of her husband’s presidency, she’s going to have to stand by her man until his second term ends in 2016. But for all intents and purposes, their marriage is already over.”
There has been no official word from the First Couple, and the Enquirer‘s anonymous “inside sources” may be nothing more than myths.
Either way, there is going to be a lot of focus on the Obamas in weeks to come.

Source The Enquirer

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