Friday, 17 January 2014

SAD STORY - Im Pregnant For My Husband But Still Sleeps With My Boss (ADVICE)

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Am titi 28years old,I got married last year,but before then I have been having an affair with my boss, I never wanted to but he threatened if I don’t I will loose my job, so since then he always come into my office to have s.ex with me, so when I got married,I thought he would respect that and let me be
but instead he continued.

Now am 4months old pregnant for my husband, I don’t know why my boss just won’t let me be, he still fu.cks me despite the fact am 4month pregnant,he says he enjoys it even more now am pregnant because my woman_liness looks bigger and my bosom Tip is more pointed and firm,so almost on a daily basis he fu_cks me,am really confused,how do I stop him from doing so, do you think I should confess to my husband about this or just allow my boss to keep Fuc_kin me…
Please I need your advise because am scared the baby might just look like him and I don’t want that because he’s ugly and he doesn’t use condom when we have se_x he just eja_culates inside my womanliness, can this result to complication during birth since the pregnancy does not belong to him but he keeps Erupting on it .pls I need your advise on what to do to stop him I don’t want to loose my job..
How do I stop him, advice needed ….

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Please say something to her cos she needs your advice.

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  1. You are just a fool and continue to be a fool but not stupid.enjoy your life.