Sunday, 15 December 2013

DOWNLOAD - Tata Madiba Father Of Nation - Zahara releases OFFICIAL touching tribute to Mandela

Zahara has released a song in tribute to Nelson Mandela.
The song was first heard on MetroFM on Sunday during
Wilson B Nkosi’s show and immediately created a lot of interest.
The ballad, titled Nelson Mandela, evokes strong emotions, spurred on by the relentless guitar accompaniment Zahara is known for, and her soaring, strong vocals.
She sings: “Nelson Mandela/ Tata Madiba/ Father of the Nation/ Qawe la maqawe/ Akekho o fana naye/ (Hero of heroes/There’s none like him).”
Zahara pays tributes to Mandela’s sacrifices, his conviction, and the racial reconciliation and nation building that he has stood for.
In the song, she calls Mandela a man of peace and a pillar of strength.
The song comes at a time when Mandela is critically ill but stable at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria.

Said Zahara: “I’m very excited and emotional at the same time. I trust that South Africans and the world will receive it (the song) and appreciated it. Above all else, I’m doing this in honour of Tata Mandela.”
She has boasting rights no money can buy. Zahara is the last known artist to stage a private performance for Mandela in his Qunu retirement home.

The song has been earmarked as the first track of Zahara’s next album which is expected to be released in September.
Nciza adds: “The song speaks to every South African, it’s a true reflection of who Mandela is and his commitment to the country. Even at the Rivonia Trial he said he’ll oppose white domination and black domination, only a few people commit to such. You will be able to relate to the song, whether black or white.”
The song can be DOWNLOADED HERE or  from iTunes from Friday and is available as a ringtone across all cellphone networks...

Listen here....

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