Monday, 20 January 2014

PHOTOS - Rick Ross purchases the largest house in Georgia

Rick Ross purchases the largest house in Georgia
These american rappers do not do anything like other people. And when it comes to luxury, Rick Ross is quite well versed upon the subject. His last extravagance? A new house.
And, wait, it is not the random house that you will see in your neighbourhood. The 37 years old rapper decided to purchase the largest home of the state of Georgia.

The property includes a 54,000 square-foot mansion with 109 rooms and it sits on 235 acres, has a bowling alley and theater, and a 350,000 gallon pool which makes it the largest private pool in the US.
The estate, which is located around Atlanta costs more than $1 million annually to maintain and the "Devil is a Lie" rapper bought it for 8 millions.
After that, his next album "Mastermind", available on March, 4, better be a success.

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