Saturday, 28 December 2013

Top ten hit songs that made 2013 in Ghana

Picking ten best songs that rocked any year is like searching for ten slightly longer hays from evenly cut hays in a hay sack; long story short, this is not an easy task. With up and coming acts giving the old hands a run for their money, the Ghanaian music scene is flooded with music that would give your heart a good dance exercise but then, somehow, these ten artists were able to distinguish themselves with their songs; making them our top ten best for
the year 2013.

10. Tonga - Joey B Ft Sarkodie
The single came this month December. And in less than a week popular events came racing for him. His song is irresistible in clubs, gals fell in love over and over again. His wriggling TONGA melody became a name on every ones lips. The song with its simple and catchy hook is now the topic for days now. TONGA

9. Everybody Likes My Tin - Shatta Wale
He is one great musician who knows how to create rhythm. His new single Like My Tin is one of the popular songs currently. I went to a cyber cafe out of the city and see people watching the Video of the song and I was like wow, Shatta has been able to win these Urban Musical ears.

8. EL- Ayayaa
The song capture listeners from any of the hit alkaida songs. Rapper EL, who showed a surprising strong voice in the song released the song from his upcoming Album next year and the song sounds very  better in good speakers

7. Badder Than Bad - Fuse Odg
Fuse likes releasing his songs later in a year and i think i now understand why. He takes his time to work on the song before he brings out the output. Badder than bad has a very powerful voice from Fuse which u cant resist. Till date Fuse Odg badder than bad is leading the top downloads in my site and most bloggers too can testify to that.

6. Love - R2Bees
This shouldn't be a surprise at all. Mugeez and Paedae are just two great musicians from a different mother. Their new single titled love which was produced by Producer extraordinaire, Killbeatz is just a dynamic song. A song that isn't following the music trend for the year yet you will hear it at any club, radio and spot you visit.

5. Yen Da- Kofi Mante Ft Sk Originale
His first single titled Yen Da meaning We Aint Sleeping has been moving in the industry since its released date till now. It is one of the songs released earlier this year but no one will tell u dance to the rhythm when it is been played. No wonder it is titled Yen Da.

4. Dance Hall King - Shatta Wale
We all know how this song made a huge momentum even after his diss to the Charter House Team. DanceHall King is one of the best songs from Shatta Wale that has really made impact in Ghanaian music lovers ears and himself as well for getting massive shows with this song and charging a very colossal amount for that too.

3. Down On one - Sarkodie Ft Fuse Odg
The song is filled with talent especially from a featured act like Fuse. He really nailed the song harder. The video concept was sick aswel,a video directed by extra-gifted film maker MOE MUSA. The song with it’s powerful hook-line remained at the top of many music charts for weeks.

2. Time Bomb - Samini Ft Wizkid
The result is always gonna be obvious to have two great singers, talented and hardworking musicians on one song. Time Bomb from Samini traveled and has really sold him by making him current in the game and getting on every bill board you will see around you. In this song, Samini thumped a very clear message; that the influx of new talents in the music industry could never upstage him and really he is still current.

1. Boys Abre - Guru
Its shocking to hear both the young and old saying BOYS ABRE. How did that get on their lips that easily? Guru's new single Boys Abre was released some few months ago. And with a very catchy and simple hook, you wont be surprised to be singing the song the first time you hear it. The strong chorus is magnetic and it further cements Guru as an artist who is far from fading off.

List compiled by GhJoyTeam : Do you agree guys?