Thursday, 26 December 2013

PHOTO - Exposed: Married Woman Juliet Ibrahim In Lesbianism Acts

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Juliet Ibrahim might not have starred in many movies in 2013, but fortunately for her, the latest movie titled ‘Rain’ in which she featured in early this year,  will make her fans either love her more or hate her more.
The movie, which
featured movie stars like Dan Tei Mensah, Eddie Nartey, Niki Samonas, George Dickman and others, is said to be a very educative movie but, with lots of hardcore and graphic scenes; Juliet Ibrahim lustfully playing a lesbian role as she kisses Niki Samonas, whilst Eddie Nartey played a gay role with his partner being George Dickman.
We are still trying to get you the video soon. for the meantime let us know if you would play as a lustful gay or lesbian in any movie you will be featured in?

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