Thursday, 26 December 2013

Harrina Alexander AKA Wife Of Actor John Dumelo Poses In New Pictures And Launches Her New Clothing Line

Most of you will remember this famous Hollywood actress who recently became the topic of discussion on air and online about a divorce she filed against handsome actor John Dumelo. We cant tell how the whole story ended but it seems this popular model has moved on with her life without John. It is obvious this girl is hanging out with one of the popular

actors in Ghana and i will update you all very soon on who this lucky guy is. Whether John or ??? I guess she really likes Ghana guys and am going to take her place anytime i find her relationship status to be single lol…

Well, according to sources, Harina recently launched her clothing line in America which she calls the DIVA CLOTHING.. Why such a name? Probably because she is a DIVA. Thats quiet a catchy name though. Diva Clothing.
However, Harrina hasnt forget about her ex country so soon so she has decided to arrive in Ghana next month and launch her collection here too. Not that alone, she also made it clear to the public about the preparations she has made to be giving alms to the poor and needy (ORPHANAGE), visiting schools and delivering school supplies like Books, Bags, etc to the less privelege..
I still dont understand why John Dumelo denied her lol… But i guess the handsome actor might have his reasons.

Check out some hot pictures from Harrina and her collection. She is looking hot and divalish though..

You can follow her clothing line on Instagram  @divaclothing1 for more updatesss 

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