Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Joey B And Sarkodie Wins Tonga Champions Of The Year

Simple but very creative. Carefully listening to what these two rappers are saying, you will get to know they are really speaking a real life fact mostly on how guys can sacrifice to do certain things in order to lay that ass on their bed. Getting to the extreme of
decieving the girl lol...
I liked the song the first time i listened to it and i guess that is what most Ghanains have also gotten addicted to.. I believe very well the song has become so addictive cos it speaks the way both girls and guys of today can brag when communicating.

These two great musicians, Joey B and Sarkodie, have really worked hard on the TONGA song which was produced by Dj Breezy.. A song that was released some few hours and its all over GHANA. This is really one of a kind.. It was Boys abre by Guru, Down On One by Sarkodie, Million Pound Girl by Fuse, Everybody Like My Tin by Shatta Wale and now its TONGA by Joey B... I guess this XMAS is gonna be one of a kind..
Anyway if you ask me my favorite song for the year i will tell you.. its... TONGA....

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