Saturday, 7 December 2013

Group of Death, No Shaking . Kofi Mante Congratulates Black Stars

Well here we go again. Ever Since the Black Stars of Ghana took the World Cup qualifications serious, we the die-hard supporters around the world have
never lost hope. Why should we lose it now? This is the fact about Group G. They call it the “Group of Death” because Germany, Portugal, and USA are already facing sudden Death in the early stages of the World Cup. Go back to the previous two World Cup they slept on us, and with these three giants in our group, they will still sleep on us. We have always risen to the occasion and crushed obstacles and disabled naive dreams. In this World Cup the victory would be sweeter. Sleep well die-hard supporters there are many ways to skin a cat, and with a Ghanaian Coach we have many ways to dissect the opposition. Oh, there would be masses of none believers amongst the chosen die-hard supporters, but do not bite into their sweet tongues and statistics. They are the lost children of Babylon. Brazil 2014 World Cup Finals, I, Kofi Mante solemnly swear that “we are going to party hard "Yen da". Make sure you are jamming to “Yen Da by Kofi Mante ft. SK Original when a none-believer starts running their mouth. All the African countries would make Africa proud in 2014. Make sure you share it if you like. Selah!!
RIP Nelson Mandela

Kofi Mante

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