Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tyga in Legal Trouble for ‘Stolen’ Jewellery

Tyga in Legal Trouble for ‘Stolen’ Jewellery
When most rappers brag about their jewelry in their songs, we never imagine that they are still making payments on it. More so, we never imagine it is jewelry that they have pretty much stolen.

Apparently, such was the case for Young Money rapper Tyga as he was recently ordered by a court to pay back over
$200,000 for stolen jewelry.
Seems Mr. Rack City was late to the tune of almost $100K in payments to Jason the Jeweler of

Beverly Hills for jewelry purchased in 2012. After waiting for over a year to receive payment, Jason went forward with a lawsuit seeking full payment and a late fee for delinquency.

A Los Angeles judge saw things Jason’s way and has ordered Tyga to pay up.
Reps for Tyga say this whole situation is “all a misunderstanding” and will be rectified soon.

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