Saturday, 25 January 2014

Shatta Wale in a competition for the overall Artiste of the Year

Shatta Wale
Ghana’s ‘Dancehall King’, Shatta Wale, has challenged his critics to produce evidence that most of his songs have profane lyrics and therefore do not qualify to be nominated for the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

A number of music industry stakeholders have criticized Shatta’s ‘Enter The Net’ and the mega hit ‘Dancehall King’ tracks as having
sexually explicit content and therefore should be disqualified.
This criticism is largely coming from persons who have one issue or the other against the musician and is largely calculated at getting him disqualified even before the VGMA board starts collating entries.

“Shatta does not only release songs for the media and for public shows. He also has songs for the streets and the ghettos. The second category of songs is not for radio or television airplay and they come in a language that suits the streets. But we can say on authority that none of the songs we have released for media airplay and for shows have a single profane or sexually explicit word. And we challenge anyone who has heard any media house play a Shatta song with profane lyrics to produce evidence or shut up and stop tagging the artiste as profane,” Bull Dog, Shatta’s Manager told NEWS-ONE.

He said the criticisms are baseless and would not deter the artiste from submitting his works for the VGMAs this year.

“We believe the Nomination Board would judge Shatta Wale by his works  as a musician in 2013 and by the particular songs he would submit as well as his public votes, which would be huge, but not by his other songs he has not submitted,” he added.

Management has confirmed to NEWS-ONE that Shatta would be submitting his songs to compete for Song of the Year, Dancehall/Reggae Song of the Year, and the overall Artiste of the Year.

Source News One

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