Tuesday, 21 January 2014

REALLY? Film Maker Socrate Sarfo Turns Soap-Maker

Veteran Ghanaian filmmaker, Socrate Sarfo, has confirmed to Flex newspaper that he is now into soap manufacturing for both local and international market.
Flex newspaper got a hint from a close source to
Socrate Sarfo, that, after over 25 years of making films, the said filmmaker is now into soap making. When Flex newspaper contacted Socrate Sarfo, he confirmed.
“Well it's true I'm into soap-making. Fact is that I do a lot of businesses aside film making. Since the film making industry has been collapsed by the influx of television stations, one has to be smart in business. So yes I'm into soap-making.” Will Socrate quit film making? He answered in the affirmative, “time will tell.”

The name of Socrate Sarfo's self-manufactured soap is Mass Liquid Soap. According to Socrate, what makes Mass Liquid Soap unique out of the lot is that it's manufactured with indigenous herbal ingredients; it removes the toughest of stains, gentle on the hands and very affordable.
Mass Liquid Soap lives a pleasant fragrance and is thus good for counteracting strong odor in anything. Mass Liquid Soap comes in blue colour and in various liters and gallons. It's available in all supermarkets and grocery shops.
Speaking to one of Socrate's Marketing Officers, he revealed that Mass Liquid Soap is one of the most sought after and patronized Ghanaian manufactured liquid soaps. “We even receive orders from beyond Ghana and do well to meet their orders,” said the Marketer. For bulk purchases call +233204079999.

Just as Flex newspaper does objective reviews of Socrate Sarfo's movies for publication, we shall be doing same to his soap to determine if he is only adding to the number of soap-makers in Ghana or actually in to make a difference. Until then….MOTWUM!!

Source FlexGhana

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