Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pastor Chris Okotie - Catholic Church Corrupts The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, The Pope Is A Friend Of Satan

The pastor of the Household of God Church International Ministries in this interview with a Punch correspondent talks about his 2015 presidential ambition despite three failed attempts and his controversial anti-catholic comments last year where he called the Pope an Anti Christ and said all Catholics are going to hell,
Read excerpts from the interview below…

Has God spoken to you yet about contesting for the election or not?
God spoke to me about my participation in the political process, which was why I took the step in the first place. He has not said anything contrary. Why do you still want to contest knowing that you have not always secured reasonable votes to become president? Besides, elections in Nigeria have not always been free and fair.
You said it. The elections have always been rigged, everybody knows that and that is why it is incorrect to say I have not always secured the votes required to win.
You recently stirred up controversy when you said Catholics would go to hell. Why did you say that?
It is because the church perverts the gospel of Jesus Christ and that perversion is located in the leadership. Even as Pope Francis recently announced. However, there are many good Christians within the Catholic Church who are not aware of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, that has substituted Mary for Jesus, in what is known as the hyperdulia of the Virgin Mary. Salvation for them is not through Jesus alone but in accordance with what Pope Francis recently announced to the world. That, in itself, is a direct violation of the sanctity of the scriptures.
You even described the Pope as “an anti-Christ and a friend of Satan” and that the Catholic Church is a counterfeit church set up by Satan. What made you say this?
The heresies in their doctrine and the recent announcement by Pope Francis corroborate this position.

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