Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year, Cool Money. Sexy Caroline Sampson Grabs The Face Of Castle Milk Stout
One of the coolest celebrities i have ever met in my life Caroline is surely getting a lot of blessings. I wont be surprised to see her as the First Lady in Ghana in the future. Not cos of her sexy looks but the way she relates to people. I thought she was
this kinda 'RUDE' girl the first time i was about to meet her but i guess i misjudged her. I will end here for now.

Radio and TV personality, Caroline Sampson is one of the few people to be smiling this year.. Why am i saying this?

According to sources, she has been made the new face of Castle Milk Stout and campaigns around her would roll out fully in a few months. Last year she was unveiled as the Ambassador for Woodin and sources say Caroline bagged an even colossal amount of money for this new Castle Milk deal.  Castle Milk Stout has had iconic people like Kwami Sefa Kai as a brand ambassador in the past and this makes Caroline the luckiest and happiest girl this year. I really appreciate her and i will continue to wish her all the best in whatever she does.

Seems this year is one of the best years which has ever happened to us.

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