Friday, 24 January 2014

Justin Bieber's Arrest. Read Why...

Troubled pop singer Justin Bieber has appeared in court following charges for resisting arrest and driving under the influence in Miami Beach, Florida.
Wearing the standard orange jumpsuit and appearing via closed circuit TV, he looked serious as the judge set his bond at a mere $2,500, a sum he should have no trouble raising.
Earlier, a mugshot had been released of the Canadian star after his arrest for offences including being under suspicion of drag racing on a Miami Beach street in Florida. Sources have told law enforcement officials that the star was in a yellow rented Lamborghini.
US entertainment site is in possession of a video which shows a group of young women near a yellow Lamborghini with men dressed in black. A male climbs in and drives away.
Justin Bieber's mugshotJustin Bieber's mugshot. Image. AP
A Miami Beach Police Department report states charges for resisting police without violence and driving with an expired licence. There are no charges associated with the drag racing.
Miami Dade-Police spokesman Sgt Bobby Hernandez said officers saw two cars racing at 4:09 am today. Two vehicles had apparently been used to block off an area on Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street, a residential area, at 4:30 a.m for the drag race.
The second car was a red Ferrari; that driver was also arrested. Both cars were towed away, but photos of a yellow Lamborghini were posted to Justin Bieber's Instagram account - they have since been removed.
Miami Beach police posted a copy of the arrest report to Twitter from their official @MiamiBeachPD account.
The arresting officer notes that Justin asked: "Why did you stop me?" The officer explained that he was being stopped for drag racing. However, the officer reports he: "immediately smelled an odour of alcohol emanating from the driver's breath and bloodshot eyes."
On being asked to get out of the car, the alleged response was: "Why the f*** are you doing this?" Following procedure, the officer asked Bieber to put his hands on the car so that he could pat him down. 
"I ain't got no f***ing weapons. Why do you have to search me?" was the reported response.
The officer warned Bieber that he would be under arrest if he didn't do as he was told and keep his hands on the car.

Justin Bieber's profile mugshotJustin Bieber's profile mugshot. Image. AP
When Bieber didn't comply, he was duly arrested. The singer resisted being handcuffed and was taken into custody.
He failed a sobriety test which - according to the Miami Herald who have cited Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez as their source - indicated he was under the influence of drugs.
In Florida, anyone under the age of 21 is considered under the influence if their blood-alcohol content is .02 per cent or more.
The Miami Herald also reported that Bieber had allegedly been smoking marijuana, drinking beer and "popping anti-depressants". They say he was 'incoherent, had his hands in his pockets and resisted arrest without violence'.
In Miami for the last few days, the 19-year-old visited a local skateboarding store and spent some time with his father, Jeremy Bieber.
He was placed into custody to be booked and processed. He was taken to the Miami-Dade County jail.
Justin Bieber's woes appear to be mounting; on 14 January, reports surfaced of detectives searching his home looking for surveillance footage that might serve as evidence in an egg-tossing vandalism case that allegedly caused thousands of dollars in damage to a neighbour's home

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