Sunday, 12 January 2014


We have been posting stuffs on our blogs that our loyal readers are able to bring up the best solutions to help other people who need their services. However, we have not talking about how to mend a chronic heart break since its common in almost every relationship.

We’ve all had that period where we have our hearts broken and part with someone we never
thought we would be without.
The immediate feeling is usually heart wrenching and so painful it usually leaves us miserable.
These few things should help you get through this terrible moment if you are going through it.
-Don’t contact him or her. You would feel the urge to call your ex, that is normal. Especially if you both just broke up. but if you contact your ex, you are likely to have a back and forth sort of conversation and end up going round in circles.
This is likely to leave you angry or hurt or more heartbroken, so whenever you feel the urge to speak to him/her next time, call your friend instead.
-Do not turn to alcohol. There is the popular belief that alcohol would make you feel better the moment you are drinking but it would make you feel worse in the morning.
The truth is alcohol NEVER makes you feel better, not even during the period you are drinking it. You will feel worse, especially when you get drunk you begin to narrate your problems to the guy/girl at the club who couldn’t care less.
Stay off it, it wouldn’t put you out of your misery, it would immerse you in it.
-The best way to get over your ex is never to get under the next. Don’t try to get over your ex boo by getting under the next random man or woman that comes along.
Sex makes you feel more miserable when you haven’t healed yet, trust me, I know this.
-Go out and attend social gatherings. Attend events, go to the movies, hang out with friends and loved ones. Allow yourself to laugh and talk and enjoy every little moment that passes by.
Lose yourself in the best moments, you deserve it.
-Allow yourself the misery. As much as you should get out and have fun, don’t push away the pain forever. Allow yourself to feel the pain, it is normal. Allow the sadness to come, just don’t let It overwhelm you. If you push the pain away now, you would end up feeling worse later. So allow yourself cry, weep, be rid of the emotions so you can be much happier.

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