Sunday, 26 January 2014

How Long Do Ladies Want A Man To Last? This Post Is For Matured Minds +18

Lets talk about our Sexlife, this can help many people here…
The question might seem pointless but when I considered a factor I think it is a question worth asking.

The factor I considered is that in most cases partners do not communicate their dissatisfaction so they go ahead doing what they think is best while they never knew their partners found it displeasing.

For instance a guy can last 30 minutes and then climb down feeling like a boss not knowing that the lady still considers him a one minute man and 30 minutes is not enough for her. But she shouldn’t tell the guy cos she maybe shy or not to make him feel bad.

Secondly a guy will decide to go on for 30 minutes to prove he is capable not knowing that the lady is exhausted and he is already punishing the lady. 15 minutes was just enough for her. Again the lady will be uncomfortable to say she is tired.

So how long do ladies want a guy to last so guys can determine when they are punishing the lady and when they are not good enough if they can’t last to the specified average time.

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