Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Do Not Ban Showing of Local Movies in Buses – Drivers Plead

Few days after publications went viral that effective February 1 2014, long distance bus operators would be banned from showing movies in their buses as a result of the Film Producers Association of

Ghana and the leaders of the various transport unions’ unsuccessful attempts to reach a consensus, VIP bus drivers in the Ashanti Region of Ghana have asked that FIPAG reconsiders its decision.
In an interview with NY DJ on the Kapital Entertainment Unplugged Show on Kapital Radio in

Kumasi, PRO for FIPAG, Michael Ola explained although it had always been and continues to be illegal for their movies to be shown for commercial purposes until copyright permissions had been sought, many transport operators looked down on the law and hence the decision to reinforce the  law effective February 1.

Speaking as to how FIPAG intends rolling out and monitoring such a policy as they would not and can not be on all buses that travel across the length and breadth of the country, the PRO disclosed several plans had been penned down which they believed would work effectively.

In a related interview with leaders and bus drivers from the Kumasi garage of VIP as to how challenging the ban would affect their business, they disclosed it would be very necessary to resit and arrive at suitable terms since the ban will cause a huge effect on their transport business. Speaking to Big Adams, a vociferous driver at the station on Kapital Radio, he disclosed the movies were relevant to their customers as that was the first request travelers often made.

Michael Ola on the other hand has disclosed that the association is willing to meet with the executives of the transport operators should they call for it but until then, the ban takes effect from 1st February 2014.


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