Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Baby Jet & Castro for VGMA

'Baby Jet ' Asamoah Gyan

NEWS-ONE gathered on Tuesday that captain of the Black Stars, ‘Baby Jet’ Asamoah Gyan and his music partner, Castro da Destroyer would be submitting their ‘Odo Pa’ highlife track to the Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA) board for nomination. Baby Jet and Castro are presenting ‘Odo Pa’ to compete for Song of the Year, Highlife Song of the Year and
Collaboration of the Year and the duo have expressed very high hopes of winning.

“‘Odo Pa’ actually belongs to Castro but actually has Baby Jet Music as the executive producer. It is a love song and the message is for Ghanaians. It is a song they can get some lessons from and a song that can entertain them. Music has to be performed with the right key and melody and that was exactly what Castro and I did,” Asamoah Gyan told NEWS-ONE.

‘Odo Pa’ has indeed enjoyed a very heavy airplay both on radio and TV and was undoubtedly one of the most popular Ghanaian songs in the year 2013.
It was also the only song for the year that had a professional footballer collaborating with a professional musician.
Baby Jet actually sang a whole verse of the song, but did not rap as he had done in his previous collaborations with Castro.

When NEWS-ONE asked Asamoah Gyan what inspired him to collaborate with Castro, he said, “My parents actually thought I would do music but I turned out to be a footballer. Music is my life and has been part of me from childhood. Look, even when I am performing to a live-band, I can actually detect when the sound is not right or when an instrumentalist goes off-beat.

“There are people who criticize me for making music, yet they listen to my songs and actually dance to them. It is not true that the music I do during my leisure time has any negative effect on my football. So I continue to do them and play football at the same time. I am multi-talented and I am not wasting any.

“With ‘Odo Pa’ for instance, I decided to take a break and come down for holidays. I realized I have some time on my hands so I decided to do this song because I love music. Music has been my life as I said. I am not a professional musician so I just did this with my friend Castro. He has been my close friend for a very long time and he actually understands me and knows what I like as well as what I don’t like.”

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