Sunday, 12 January 2014

Actress Yvonne Okoro Talks About Her Boobs

Yvonne Okoro and Mum
Yvonne Okoro and Mum
Beautiful Ghanaian  actress Yvonne Okoro is one of the few actresses in the country whose breasts have come under serious criticisms on the African continent.  These two seductive apples got Africans talking about her after she rejuvenated the sexiness in her by
popping them out  in her black Jovani dress during the 2012 edition of the AMAA awards held in Nigeria.
At the sight of Yvonne Okoro, her breasts are the first things which will attract your attention because they cannot hide themselves. The actress has finally let the cat out of the bag why she has those big things on her chest. According to her, she inherited those heavy things  from her mother who is also endowed with bigger breasts than what she has.
now u knw where all those boobs come 4frm.luvumummy (Translation: Now you know where all those boobs are come from. love you mum)
The actress further said she has bought ‘DD’ brazier for her daughter even though she has not been born yet.
bought my daughter a DD bra tho she’s nt born yet. She will def fit in dem b4 18yrs
Finding out what ‘DD’ means as Okoro said that is what she will buy for her daughter,OMG!Ghana was told that ‘DD’ braziers are made purposely for ladies with bigger boobs which sizes are not wonted. So i guess you understand what Okoro is talking about. Tradition of the big boobs in her family continues so she is preparing even before she gives birth because the daughter will certainly join the big breast team.
Then i guess Okoro herself uses ‘DD’


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