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2013 Top Entertainment News In Ghana (Read All Top Stories)

The colorful interplay of some happenings and historical events on the entertainment calendar of 2013 in Ghana will for years be remembered. There were so many mouth watering incidents that kept us all thinking, and so many that got us applause to greatness.

In as much as there were ups and downs, the news never ceased rolling in. There were times that we would wink and feel as if the earth should have opened and swallowed some issues that perhaps would have marred hard earned reputations; but in all, the year has come to an end in bliss and we can smile and welcome another brand new year.

Amidst all the numerous events came their own ups and downs, bashings and appraisals, it also came with their own negatives and positives, but it needs to be repeated that a lot should be done to see the industry soar higher.

Now to the get into the talking points and start with the ‘make-up’ stories of the year which we couldn’t but wondered how on earth Ms. Yvonne Nelson would have become a ‘tick’ on a certain Iyanya’s body. There were times we wondered and pondered if the issue was true or false. She even earned the name ‘attention seeker’ by some enthusiasts. Then came the severe beating of Kofi B by some unknown thugs which later we heard were his own people.

In 2013, there were blatant comical issues whose functionalities depended on the perception as they came. Issues like Emelia Brobbey’s shoplifting in the UK. The whole drama was climaxed with her return home which was welcomed by a throng of sympathizers (though many among them were Judases). Soon after, we heard rumours that it was one of her arch-enemies in person of Nana Ama McBrown who had instigated the whole melodrama.

Then the John Dumelo and Harrina Dembele’s saga took a toll on us all. Who was skimming? We don’t know. Who was saying the truth? We don’t know; but one thing that lingered was that there was a maneuvering. There were times Harrina would make up stories to hurt John, there were times John would not come out straight to put issues straight. Anas had to come in with his findings, even threatening John Dumelo. But in all this, the sleeping dogs hve gone to lie.

The name Chris Brown rings a bell worldwide and in Ghana, it’s no longer news that the young man came and defiled the land months after there had been a ban on smoking in public places. He was actually paid about a million dollars to come and “dis-virgin” the land on the eve of independence. Not even the Ghana Police could stop the man who also claimed that Azonto originated from Nigeria.

Nadia Buari and her new found love, Jim Iyke also made massive news in 2013. Their merry-go-round love came from nowhere, but they both claim it is heading somewhere. Jim Iyke is not new to issues pertaining to love, especially after taking up fictional roles in movies, now is the time to practice what he was made to do. For Jim, from Kenturah to Nadia and for Nadia, from Essien to Jim. Certainly 2013 showed us that ‘love is truly blind.’

Kofi Mante popularly known as Pro Kay didnt take it easy last year when he came to Ghana. He had a lot of issues with the music production known as JAKA inside Dansoman. Kofi Mante and his team had to visit the place almost everyday to take something which was rightfully and legally his. He had no option to bring up his lawyers into the case when he realized he couldn't face the strong JAKA team. But finally he won the battle and took what he came to Ghana for.

2013 has had Shatta Wale taking over the Dancehall scene and also our ears’ drums. Today Shatta Wale is fighting on/for a stage, tomorrow he is apologizing. Then next he is in the hospital, then he is replying to a song he solely deem unfit to his image and then the ego thing rises. Shatta Wale has been on the talk of town both in good and in bad, but in all he deserves ‘knuckles.’.

The 2013 edition of the Big Brother came in the form of ‘The Chase’ for $300,000. For the very first time, Ghana got a representative to the final, but Elikem couldn’t bring back the money but a ‘wifey’! He did so well, and at a point in time he was massively supported by Ghana and Zimbabwe (because Pokello was on the ground).

Selly, the other representative didn’t just get evicted, “hers came with ‘shame’ because she couldn’t keep her libido at rest”, according an entertainment critic. Her level of “sexcapade” in the BBA-The Chase, left even Biggie dumfounded and made Africa accuse her boyfriend, Praye Teatea, of being irresponsible. In all, it was just a game which saw Dillish scoop the prize money away.

Bright and beautiful year it was for some like Sarkodie and R2Bees as they made the Forbes top 13 African Celebrities to watch in 2013. Fuse ODG performed alongside Jay Z at the Wireless Festival, amongst others.

The issue of Omane Acheampong and Herty Borngreat let everyone’s mouth agape since they were acclaimed gospel singers. They beefed up their acts with swagger and then ended the year with sagas of splitting awards in which they were both nominated for.

MUSIGA for the first time organized a Ghana Music Week. Kudos to their resilience, efforts and courage to bag in about Ghc2 million for an event which one quarter of the whole money wasn’t what they presented. They came back giving cock and bull stories of who spent what; but none of them could come out bold

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