Monday, 30 December 2013

Shatta Wale And Pope Skinny Crowned The HotCakes For The Year

Shatta-Wale ban
It seems Dancehall this year has been the best,the diss, fun, disrespects and all that. You can find all these from one great musician, Shatta Wale.
As any human, you cant be having positive compliments all the time. Yes some people hated what he was doing some time ago including
myself and yet some loved him for that. Recently, he has acted in a way that no one could ever have believed Shatta Could One of the most reputable instituition the Country, Charter House recently got a feel of the DISS side of Shatta Wale.
Threatening Gh Awards Organizers never to give him any award or He is going to sue them.
Guess what happened? Shatta Wale has finally apologized for all what he said. I couldn't believe he will ever apologize but as the saying goes 'SEEING IS BELIEVING' and i saw him apologize so i have no doubt to believe the guy has a positive side as well..
Now almost every big show has his name on BOARD. That has made him a HOTCAKE.
Pope Skinny on the other hand also just sent some abusive messages for the TV3 Organizers about his act, TUTULAPAATO. Since then Pope Skinny has been one of the musicians Event Organizers fear to mess up with. This reminded me of his song with Shatta Wale titled HOTCAKE. Yeah they are HOTCAKES on the lips of many Event Organizers lol..

Check out his song with Pope Skinny Titled HotCake and have a feel of him. Really Asuoden Music and Shatta Movement is a HOTCAKE..

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