Friday, 27 December 2013

Is Sarkodie Really Wishing The Downfall Of Ghanaian Musicians?
It seems our best MC so far, Sarkodie is trying to send a message to most musicians in the game but they do not concentrate on his words.

Sarkodie said somewhere this year in one of his songs that, ''unless he dies no
one can ever overtake him''. We thought it was just any normal lyrics as any rapper can choose to put words together and call it rap. But truth is, truly no musician in Ghana has been able to overtake him or even gotten closer to what he is doing after he said that.

Well one might say its because the guy works hard and not ready to give up. And i support that answer too but in his new song with Vector titled Rap Attack, the rapper said in it. (OBIDI MI TIRI MU YE SUM MA BLOCKI CHANCE MONFR3 ME SCARFACE) Meaning: (OBIDI AM WICKED IVE BLOCKED CHANCE CALL ME THE SCARFACE)

This verse reminded me of what he said earlier on saying no one can ever overtake him unless he dies..So now i ask, has he really blocked the chance of Ghanaian musicians from shinning? or there is nothing ironically in these verses.

Click to download the song with Vector titled RAP ATTACK

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