Saturday, 14 December 2013

Im A Virgin - Myzz Bella Blows It Out Finally

The sexy diva in the hostel series shown on viasat 1 every Sunday , Bella as most people will call her has blown out a
forbidden horn. 
Bella, one of the influential acts in this series is 5 feet, curvy, sexy, smart looking, intelligent and talented. She has acted in most movies aside Hostel with top actors and actress.
In an interview with her about her entertainment life, she said, I have loved acting since kindergarten and one of my ultimate dream is to become worlds popular actress.
Apart from her looks and everything in the screens, she later on confessed she is actually a virgin. Lol. Unbelievable it is right? But that's what she said when we gave her the platform to speak to the world.
Does it now look like most girls are pretending not to understand the meaning of virginity or what since almost every female celebrity like Virgin Delay and Bella, can stand up and say am a virgin.
Anyway who are we to judge Cos we don't judge a book by its cover. Make a date and be watching more of Myzz Bella on Hostel this and every Sunday on viasat 1 from 4.30 pm to 5pm.
Below are some of her pics we found in our database we would love to share..

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