Sunday, 8 December 2013

‘I regret not being a world boxing champion’- Mandela

According to the Madiba, Nelson Mandela: “There is one regret that I have had all my life – that I never
become the heavy weight boxing champion of the world.”
Nelson Mandela grew up with a love for sport. He was an ardent boxer in his younger days and used it to keep fit
Picture of his youthful age..
Look, it is the nature of sport generally – and boxing in particular – that you will have trials and reversals.”
After Madiba’s release from Robben Island, he set out, in his own unique way, to unite a nation through sport.
Ali Bacher (Former Cricket Administrator): “He was the first person to realise the importance of sport, particularly in our divided country, of bringing black and white people together.”
1995 found the new South Africa struggling to find a way to cross the racial divide.
In Sport, Rugby was predominantly supported by whites, with black South Africans rallying behind soccer.
When the Springboks played in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Madiba saw a golden opportunity to reach out to the Afrikaner, and took it, says Ali Bacher, a former cricketer and sports administrator, “You remember 1995, the Rugby World Cup? Three weeks before the final he went public to support our rugby team wearing the Springbok jersey, to support the Springbok emblem.”

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