Tuesday, 17 December 2013

CONGRATULATIONS.. Beyonce has done it again. Smashing iTunes record with her new album.

Beyonce Smashes iTunes Record As She Sells Over 800,000 in 3 Days
Beyonce’s self-titled 5th album continues to amaze the world and smashing records as it does so, today becoming the fastest selling album on iTunes ever.
The artist sold 828,773 copies of Beyoncé in the first three days it was available, breaking an iTunes record for
most albums sold in the first week of release, Apple announced Monday.
The pop queen kept her album secret until its midnight debut on Dec. 13 — a departure from the typical practice of releasing an album on Tuesday to allow a full week of sales.
But Beyoncé dismissed all traditions of a typical release, creating a “visual album” which featured 14 new tracks and 17 dazzling videos filmed from Paris to Rio de Janeiro.
The album sits comfortably at No. 1 in 104 countries and also landed Beyoncé her biggest sales week ever.

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